Tuesday, March 9, 2010

April Miami Show

Here's a show I'm taking part in next month:

BELIEVE THE HYPE! will be making its way to Miami on April 10th 2010, and will be held at Eazy Street Gallery in the Wynwood Arts District.

The show will feature a live bodiless head, some 2-d art works, a krink mural, a suspended sculpture, some wood paneled walls, shag carpet, strong drinks, and raunchy video's.

BELIEVE THE HYPE! Miami features artwork by:

Gaia - Jesse Reno - Johnny Robles - Johannah O'Donnell - Nick Gazin - Doug Boehm - Andrew Spear - Dolla - Eric Althin - Mat Curran - Parail - Peat Wolleager - Dubelyoo - Andriaan Mol - Dres13 - David Hoskins - Scott Donald - Brandon MacLean - Jose Mertz

Curated By: Dustin Orlando

With DJ Sets by: Keen-One

The show is free and open to the public | Doors open at 8:00p-Midnight

Free Giveawayes from IN4MATION

For more information check out:

The official after party will be held at POPLIFE
For complimentary admission please RSVP to: info@alarevenge.com

Pot Doc

This was an illustration about an approved medical cannabis doctor that raped one of his patients for several years but was still allowed to practice medicine.

Mortgage 101

This was an illustration about reverse mortgage reform in California.

Going Down with the Ship

This is about the down fall of the newspaper industry. Many newspapers are disappearing while others are moving into an online exclusive format.